About Doctor 4 U

At Doctor 4 U we strive to utilise technology to make managing your health easy. We link up with experienced doctors and pharmacists to help bring a delivery model that is not only quick, but safe, confidential and convenient. We want patients to be able to take control of their health from their mobile, laptop or tablet leaving you to enjoy your free time and take the hassle out of getting your required medicine.

Our services and what we offer

Our Partner Pharmacy

We use one of the biggest mail order pharmacies in the UK for preparing your medicine- Chemist-4-U. At Chemist-4-U they ensure plain, discreet packaging and only fully licensed and regulated medicines are shipped to you.


Chemist-4-U’s Superintendent Pharmacist is Shamir Patel, an experienced Pharmacist from Ireland who strives to make sure patients receive medicines via mail order services, quickly, securely and confidentially.

Doctor 4 U mission statement

Our goal is to prove that medicines can join the rest of the digital revolution and be delivered to patients at their convenience using the latest technology. Our aspiration as a company is to provide:

  • Secure service - Provide our patients with secure and confidential consultations online.
  • Safe ordering - Ensure genuine prescription medicines are provided, via a registered pharmacy.
  • Convenient health care - Arrange for medicine to be delivered conveniently to your home, work or approved delivery pick up point.
  • A trusted source - Provide reliable information about conditions and their treatment.
  • A transparent service - To allow customers and doctors to communicate on web.
  • Accessible care - Offer online advice.
  • A Protected environment - Protect your personal records and store them securely.
  • An honest, patient-led service - Advise you when you need to see your regular doctor.
  • Inclusive health care - Provide information to your doctor if you request this