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BioSure HIV Self Test Kit

Biosure HIV testing kits are used at home to test for HIV. This is a simple and convenient way of testing if you suspect you may have come into contact with the infection. Testing is vital to getting a diagnosis and treating the infection, and now you can test in the comfort of your own home with the BioSure HIV test.

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BioSure HIV Self Test Kit

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Biosure HIV testing kits are used at home to test for HIV. This is a simple and convenient way of testing if you suspect you may have come into contact with the infection. Testing is vital to getting a diagnosis and treating the infection, and now you can test in the comfort of your own home with the BioSure HIV test.


How does it work?

The BioSure HIV test works by detecting antibodies in the blood from a sample of blood that you provide. It takes time for antibodies to be produced in the body and this test works best 3 months after exposure to the infection, giving the body time to have built up detectable antibodies. It’s also possible to test 4 weeks after exposure, however, you should test again after 3 months if your result was negative. If you believe you have been exposed to HIV very recently (within the past 72 hours) it’s important to seek urgent medical help to receive treatment to stop the virus which is known as PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) rather than wait to test it yourself.

If you’ve been experiencing symptoms of HIV (symptoms are usually flu-like) or you’ve been at risk of exposure to the infection, this test can produce results in 15 minutes, it’s quick and is a small device which means you can carry out the test wherever is convenient for you.

Why is it important to get tested?

Testing is the only way to determine whether you have HIV or not. Whatever the result, knowing is better than not knowing. While HIV is no longer life-threatening this is only because of the revolutionary medicines that are available to manage the infection. Testing means you can access these medicines if your result was to come back positive. Plus, the earlier the virus is caught the better chance you have of controlling it and living a long, normal life.

Testing is also important to prevent the spread of the infection. Knowing your HIV status prevents you from unknowingly transmitting it to another person, for instance, through unprotected sex. HIV testing may ultimately prevent the virus from developing into AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) which is when your immune system is severely damaged by the HIV virus and your body cannot fight potentially life-threatening infections. Although HIV is incurable, getting tested is the first step to controlling the infection and avoiding the serious complications.

How accurate is the BioSure HIV test?

The BioSure HIV Testing Kit is highly accurate. If used correctly the test is 99.7% accurate at detecting positive results and 99.9% accurate at detecting negative results. This is all based on using the test correctly but if you have any doubt do visit a healthcare professional for further testing.

How to use the at home BioSure test kit

The BioSure test kit is essentially a simple finger prick test. Using the lancet provided simply place it against your finger and push down until you hear a click which will make small cut in your skin and release blood. The kit also contains a testing device which you should place on the drop of blood until the tip fills. You should then push the testing device down to the bottom of the buffer pot and wait 15 minutes for results. The testing device will show lines which represent your result, one line means a negative result and two lines mean a positive result. No lines is an indicator that the test did not work properly.

I have my result, what do I do next?

What to do next depends on your result, if it is a positive result it’s important not to panic and remember there is help and HIV is no longer a death sentence. If your test is positive you should see a healthcare professional sooner rather than later such as your doctor or at a sexual health clinic where further tests can be carried out and a treatment plan put in place. Further tests will reveal how the virus has affected your immune system and the amount of virus in your blood. Antiretroviral drugs are given to stop the virus replicating in the body.

If your test revealed a negative result but you’re still having doubts and are experiencing symptoms related to HIV you should seek advice and further testing from a healthcare professional.

How often should I test for HIV?

It’s recommended that you test for HIV if you’re at risk of contracting the infection either through having unprotected sex, or sharing needles and syringes. If you’re not in any high risk groups you should get tested at least once a year. Having a simple device like the BioSure test kit so readily available means you can test regularly. Many people do not test for a number of reasons usually because they’re embarrassed or are unable take the time out of their busy lives to visit their GP surgery or sexual health clinic, but thanks to this kit testing has become much easier and convenient.

How to buy BioSure HIV Testing Kit online

You can buy this testing kit safely and securely online at Doctor-4-U You can order this device from the comfort of your home by submitting a medical consultation form and relevant details which is completely confidential. Once you have placed your order it will be dispensed by our UK-based pharmacy and sent to you in discreet and secure packaging via a tracked courier service.