1. IBS - Everything You Need To Know

    IBS - Everything You Need To Know
    This month is IBS Awareness Month worldwide, and while Irritable Bowel Syndrome is not exactly the most pleasant thing to talk about, it is a worthwhile conversation. Although this condition is common, it is often misunderstood in terms of how it’s properly diagnosed and how it can be treated. Past research from ASDA Pharmacy has found that 4 in...
  2. Stress Awareness Month

    Stress Awareness Month
    Since 1992, April has been Stress Awareness Month. It’s something that we all feel to various degrees at different parts of our lives, but how aware of it are we? We’re using this month to highlight stress symptoms, what they can cause, and what you can do about them. What is Stress? Stress is your body’s way of responding...

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