July 2019

  1. Medicines to Avoid If You Suffer from Peanut Allergy

    Medicines to Avoid If You Suffer from Peanut Allergy
    Having an allergy to any substance can seem like it’s taking over your life, the symptoms can be severe and debilitating, and you more than likely find yourself constantly checking food packaging labels for the ingredients. Food is one of the main allergens, but food packaging is not the only label you should be checking if you’re trying to...
  2. Do You Know About Your Summary Care Record?

    Do You Know About Your Summary Care Record?
    A Summary Care Record (SCR) is something that is assigned to you at birth and holds some important information about you, but many people don’t know what it is. With the new GPhC regulations coming into force for online prescribing you may be hearing about your Summary Care Record a lot more, particularly if you buy your medication online...
  3. Does Viagra for women exist?

    Does Viagra for women exist?
    A lot of attention has been given to improving the sex lives of men, but what about women? It’s thought that around 1 in 5 men have problems with their libido, and around half of men are affected by sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction. However, even more, women have reduced sex drive but what is being done about...
  4. PrEP Statistics

    PrEP Statistics
    PrEP Facts and Statistics PrEP is a ground-breaking drug that can potentially put an end to new HIV diagnoses worldwide. It stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis and has been licensed for the prevention of HIV since 2012. In the following years, we’ve seen instances of HIV decline in areas where PrEP is available, but unfortunately, not everyone has access to...

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