The Doctor4U service you know and love will soon be changing and is merging with our Chemist4U site to give you even more access to your vital medication. You will still be able to access all your medication, and more, using a much slicker consultation process, packed with added features and benefits. Same healthcare professionals, same fantastic service, just a new way for you to start your consultation.

The below information is to help you understand what has changed and guide you through the transition period.

Start your new consultations with Chemist4U Online Clinic from today.

To get started, simply visit from April 1st and follow the consultation steps.

All of your existing Doctor4U data will be accessible via your Chemist4U account page, along with any prescription and shop orders.

If you already have a Doctor4U account, you can login using your Doctor4U account details. If you don't have an account, you'll be able to create one after your consultation.

You spoke, we listened

Chemist4U Online Clinic has been developed using feedback from Doctor4U customers. You'll recognise a lot of the same features and healthcare professionals, but we've also added a range of new features.

  • Checkout faster

Checkout faster with all of your saved details and also include any shopping items from your basket as part of your order.

  • Reorder faster

Save your previous consultations so that future consultations will be a lot quicker to complete.

  • Alternative Addresses

Quickly access multiple saved addresses for future orders.

Please see below for answers to common questions or visit our FAQ's.

  • When will Doctor4U close?

Doctor4U will no longer accept new consultations from 14th April.

  • What will happen to my account and data?

You'll still be able to access your Doctor4U account to view your records. Your new Chemist4U Online Clinic account is available for use from 1st April.

I already have a Doctor4U account

  • How will I use the Online Clinic?

Simply visit and follow the consultation steps, you can use your Doctor4U login details.

  • What’s my new Chemist4U username and password?

Same as it was for Doctor4U

  • What happens to my existing repeat prescriptions?

Our prescribers can still see those orders, but simply complete consult on Chemist4U for your next one.

  • What if I don’t want to continue to use the service?

Simply let us know at [email protected] and we can close your account.

I’m a user of Doctor4U but I don’t have a Doctor4U account:

  • How will I use the Online Clinic?

Simply visit and follow the consultation steps by selecting your condition or searching for your medicine and clicking start consultation.

  • What’s my C4U username and password?

You will be asked to set one up whilst completing a consultation on Chemist4U Online Clinic.

General Chemist4U Online Clinic questions:

  • Who are Chemist4U? 

We're an online pharmacy, established in 2004, run by a team of highly trained professional pharmacists. We aim to provide quality pharmacy services, wide ranges of medicines and products, guidance and advice plus outstanding customer service.

  • Why is C4U and D4U merging?

To make a smoother, quicker service for our customers. Doctor4U historically passed prescriptions to Chemist4U for dispensing. Chemist4U now has it’s own prescribing team and can process your order more quickly, whilst also offering NHS prescription service, and retail shopping experience all from the same account.

  • Are C4U regulated?

Chemist4U is a registered and regulated UK pharmacy with the GPhC (Registered Premises 1103628). We have been certified as an Internet Pharmacy by LegitScript.

  • Are there any additional benefits or features?

We’ve listened to feedback from previous Doctor4U customers. The new Online Clinic is easier to use, quicker and allows you to add other items to your basket from the Chemist4U store. We’re working on adding new features all the time. If you’d like to provide feedback, please contact us.

  • Who are the healthcare professionals?

James O'Loan, Naeem Teni, Saiyma Zafar, Shamir Patel.

  • How does the online clinic work?

Choose your condition, complete an online questionnaire, select your preferred treatment, complete your checkout to get your items delivered in plain packaging.

  • What services do Chemist4U provide?

We’re working on expanding our services so that we can meet all of your healthcare needs from home. Shop a wide range of products from our store, get your NHS or private prescriptions delivered to your door, use our online clinic to save you from visiting your GP, or simply ask one of our pharmacists a question about your condition or symptoms.

  • What will happen to my newsletter subscription? 

If you're opted in to the Doctor 4 U newsletter, you'll soon hear from Chemist4U with further advice on what newsletters you'll receive and guidance on creating consultations and accessing and using your account. You can opt out of the newsletters by clicking the unsubscribe link in any email.