1. Siblings Day - Genetic or Hereditary?

    Siblings Day - Genetic or Hereditary?
    For Siblings Day, we'll be looking at whether you might share more than you think with your brothers and sisters (and we aren't talking about the things they "borrow" behind your back!). Do you know the difference between a genetic and a hereditary condition? Today is the 10th of April, and also an internationally-recognised day: Siblings Day! Whilst it’s...
  2. Rare Disease Day - Cystinosis

    Rare Disease Day - Cystinosis
       What is cystinosis? You’d be forgiven if you’ve never heard of cystinosis. The condition is so rare that only 2000 people worldwide are diagnosed with it, with only 2 or 3 new cases each year in the UK. Cystinosis is a genetic metabolic disease where the body is unable to get rid of excess amino acid, cysteine. This acid...

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