1. HIV statistics UK 2019 - HIV Diagnosis Figures

    HIV statistics UK 2019 - HIV Diagnosis Figures
    On 03/09/2019, Public Health England (PHE) published the latest data sets for HIV trends. These included figures from the beginning of January 2018 to the end of December 2018, as well as the trends for previous years, dating back to 2009. Whilst we were unable to analyse the data in terms of upper-tier local authorities (UTLA) as we did...
  2. PrEP Statistics

    PrEP Statistics
    PrEP Facts and Statistics PrEP is a ground-breaking drug that can potentially put an end to new HIV diagnoses worldwide. It stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis and has been licensed for the prevention of HIV since 2012. In the following years, we’ve seen instances of HIV decline in areas where PrEP is available, but unfortunately, not everyone has access to...

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