1. Viagra for Valentine's?

    Viagra for Valentine's?
    Sildenafil for your sweetheart For many couples, valentine’s day can be stressful. It brings about all sorts of pressure such as finding the perfect card, ordering the ideal gift, planning a romantic night, and keeping within budget for the month. However, some men feel a different kind of pressure around Valentine’s Day – the pressure to perform in the...
  2. How to Delay Your Period for Valentine's Day

    How to Delay Your Period for Valentine's Day
    Ah, Valentine’s Day. For many people out there, the phrase conjures up images of love hearts, roses, candlelit dinners, and the colour red. Why red? Well, it’s the colour of lust and romance, the go-to for every card shop at this time of year, but between all the scarlet-coloured hearts and rose coloured… well, roses, there might be another kind...

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