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Are you thinking about starting a new weight loss medication but are unsure of which provider to use? If so, look no further as we provide an in-depth overview of the similarities and differences between Bodyline Clinic and Doctor 4 U to help you decide which is best for you.

In this comparison we take a look at these two weight loss medication sites discussing how each of them work, whether or not you have to go for a face to face consultation, what people say about their products and services and more.

Bodyline Clinic Alternatives - Overview

How does the Bodyline Clinic work?

If you choose the Bodyline Clinic you will need to phone a member of their team in advance to book a face-to-face consultation. To book a consultation you’ll be required to pay a £10 deposit up front in order to secure your consultation slot. If you are interested in buying the SlimPen (Saxenda) the deposit will cost £161 (the price of the starter pack).

On the day of your consultation you’ll be required to arrive 10 minutes early to fill out paperwork and will then have your assessment with one of Bodyline Clinic’s nurses. The prescribing nurse will then advise you on which treatment is suitable and provide you with the appropriate medication. You will only be given 1 week’s worth of medication at your first visit, meaning that you will have to return after 7 days to request more. Once you’re settled into a specific program, you will need to return to the clinic once a month to pick up your medication.

How does Doctor 4 U work?

Doctor 4 U’s approach is very different from that of Bodyline Clinic. Doctor 4 U is an online only company, who provide weight loss medication alongside treatments for many other conditions. Doctor 4 U works in the following way:

First select your condition and the medication you require from their treatments page. You will then be directed to a short consultation form which will allow a regulated doctor to assess your suitability for the treatment you require. Once the doctor has made their decision, your medication can be sent to you within just 24 hours. This process is simple, safe and entirely confidential.

What weight loss treatments do Bodyline Clinic and Doctor 4 U offer?

The table below shows a full list of all of the weight loss products provided by Bodyline Clinic and Doctor 4 U (as of 07/11/2019).

Bodyline Clinic’s Vitamin Sprays and Phent H medication are the only products that can be bought online. All of Bodyline’s other medications must be purchased from one of their clinics.Doctor 4 U are an online only provider, meaning that all of their treatments can be ordered online and delivered straight to your door.

What’s the price difference between Bodyline Clinic and Doctor 4 U?

Both Bodyline Clinic and Doctor 4 U stock the weight loss injection Saxenda. However at Bodyline Clinic they use the name ‘SlimPen’.

Both providers offer the exact same drug which contains the active ingredient Liraglutide, however they are priced very differently:

Bodyline Clinic’s SlimPen (Saxenda) starter kit costs £161 and contains 2 pens which provide enough medication for an average of 3 weeks (dose dependent). Bodyline clinic also charge consultation fees, which increase the total cost.

Doctor 4 U’s Saxenda pen on the other hand costs just £75.99 per pen, with the price for two pens (lasting around 3 weeks) being £151.98. Unlike Bodyline Clinic, there is no extra charge for Doctor 4 U’s online consultation, meaning that you will only pay exactly what is stated on the site. On top of this, Doctor 4 U also offers 20% off your first order, which would mean that 2 Saxenda pens would cost just £121.58.

The reason for such a significant price difference is likely to be due to the way in which each company works. At Doctor 4 U, patients can order their weight loss medication in the comfort of their own homes, making the process quick and easy, with no need to go to a clinic and discuss sensitive topics. On top of this, Doctor 4 U are transparent when it comes to pricing, there are no hidden costs and no obligation to opt into a weight loss course, you can simply buy the treatment for the price stated on the product page.

Which is safer?

The most important aspect to consider when deciding between these two weight loss medication providers is safety. The good news is that both of these weight loss treatment providers are regulated and deemed as safe.

Doctor 4 U have been fully approved to sell medication online by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). All of Doctor 4 U’s consultations are created and undertaken by fully licensed EU/GMC registered practitioners and their pharmacy is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council.

All side effects and information about the weight loss treatments available on the Doctor 4 U site are listed on the product pages, as well as the official patient information leaflet for each drug. However this information is not listed on the Bodyline Clinic site.

Although, the Bodyline Clinic’s clinics are CQC registered and hold Home Office licenses. All members of their medical team are registered with appropriate regulated bodies such as the NMC and GMC.

Bodyline Clinic and Doctor 4 U - What's the Difference?

In this table we compare Bodyline Clinic and Doctor 4 U, describing the way in which they operate, how long they have been providing healthcare and much more.

We hope this comparison of Bodyline Clinic and it’s alternative Doctor 4 U has been useful in providing an overview of the pros and cons of each provider.