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During your consultation we will ask you some personal questions, this helps our doctors determine if the medication we are prescribing is the best option for you.

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Our prescribers follow
UK Prescribing Guidelines when making
a decision about your conditions.

These medical questions help our doctors treat you safely so please answer these questions accurately and honestly as any false information could result in our doctors rejecting your prescription request. Possible emergency? Don’t use our service and call 999!

NB - Average time to complete this questionnaire - 3 minutes.


Suitable Medications

Below are a list of common medications often prescribed for this condition. Please select the medication that you wish to have prescribed and delivered. Dosage and pack size options will be displayed once a medication has been selected. All prices displayed include the cost of your medication and the doctors consultation.


A Little About You

This information will be used to progress with your consultation and to create your online Doctor 4 U account.

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Your Address Infromation

Patient safety is our top priority and we will not supply to any persons under the age of 18. We use Lexis Nexis identity verification software to check your identity

Please do not order for other people

Each person must create their own account with a separate email address. All prescriptions must be in the name of the intended recipient (legal requirement).

Please note, if you have previously logged in your details should be saved below. Please check they are correct before progressing to the next step
  1. Security for the parcel,
  2. No children or pets have access to the parcel,
  3. The parcel will only be opened by the named individual
  4. If receiving temperature controlled medicines you will be available to accept delivery. (The pharmacy team will endeavour to call you before shipment to arrange a suitable time for this.)

Your Doctor’s Info

Are we able to contact your doctor regarding this request?

Please note we advise patients to include their NHS GP in all aspects of their care including private/online care. If you do not wish for this treatment to be shared with your GP please click NO. You will still be allowed to proceed with your request


Identity Verification

Due to new regulations we require you to upload a copy of your ID. This can be done by simply taking a picture if you are using your mobile device, or uploading a file. Please make sure the image is clear and can be read, as poor quality images will be placed on hold and asked for further ID upload

Accepted Documentation

Please upload one of the following documents, by doing so we will verify these documents with 3rd party agencies to validate you.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Full / Provisional Driving License
  • UK / EU Passport