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Med Connections Ltd 37, Hesketh Road, Southport, Merseyside United Kingdom, PR9 9PB

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0161 639 0032 Our patient support is open: Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm.

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Call NHS 111
If you urgently need medical help or advice in a non-life threatening situation call NHS 111.
Call 999
Call 999 if someone is seriously ill or injured and their life is at risk.
Visit A&E
Only go to A&E in a genuine life-threatening emergency.
Urgent Care
Get help for minor injury or illness when it's not possible for you to wait to see your GP.
Ask your pharmacist
If you need advice on a common or minor illness then you can get this from your pharmacist.
GP services
If you're feeling unwell and it's not an emergency then make an appointment with your GP.
Mental health emergencies
Get advice on how to act in the case of a mental health crisis or acute emergency.
Dental emergency
Find out who to contact in case of a dental emergency.
Returns Policy

Due to safety reasons, our returns policy does not allow for any of our prescription medicines to be returned. We are not authorised to resend any returned medication. If you have any unwanted or unused medication, you can take it to a pharmacy local to you and they will ensure the products are disposed of safely.

If you’ve chosen for any of our products to be delivered to you by post, you can cancel your order at any point up until the dispatch of the items – your order can be cancelled by contacting Doctor-4-U.


We ensure that all our customers’ medical data and order history remains completely confidential. These details can only be viewed by our staff and medically-trained doctors, and we will never disclose this data unless legally obliged to do so by law.

Doctor-4-U has a legal obligation to comply with UK Data Protection legislation. The Doctor-4-U Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy detail how we use confidential patient data.


Doctor-4-U has a written complaints policy and procedure. We aim to acknowledge all formal written complaints within two working days and to respond within five working days of receiving them.

If you need to lodge a formal complaint, please send an email to Doctor-4-U. If you’re unsatisfied with the response that Doctor-4-U has made to your complaint, you should contact the General Pharmaceutical Council who will investigate the issue further.

Medical Advice

Unfortunately we are unable to provide emergency medical advice or assistance. If you have any urgent medical questions or you think you, or someone you are with, are experiencing a medical emergency then call the following:

116 123 – please talk to the Samaritans if you are feeling depressed, anxious, or having a panic attack, or if you are worried about harming yourself or others.