Coronavirus (Covid-19) FAQ – Changes in our services

The coronavirus (Covid-19) is having a daily impact on virtually all lives and businesses in the UK at the moment. In these extraordinary circumstances, it is important to keep our customers up to date with how our services are being affected.

On this page we look to answer a range of questions which we have frequently received in recent days regarding changes to our services and other matters regarding the coronavirus.

Is Doctor-4-U still operating as normal?

For the most part, yes. We are still operating as normal. We are in daily contact with our partner pharmacies to ensure we are supporting them and that they can continue providing services as normal. You can still complete our online consultation and order medicines through our website as normal. Our doctors are continuing to check questionnaires and provide online prescriptions.

Are deliveries going to be delayed?

We are continuing to work together with Royal Mail and DPD to deliver medications to customers’ addresses as efficiently as possible. However, these delivery services may have reduced services in your area, meaning orders may take longer than usual to arrive.

The Royal Mail and DPD websites provide services for checking the progress of your tracked delivery.

Will your customer service remain open for questions?

Our customer service can be reached by email at [email protected]

Unfortunately, our phone lines cannot currently be reached. We hope to have the phone lines back up soon but our customer service team is working from home, so email is the only option for now.

Due to the current circumstances, our customer service team is dealing with a higher number of enquiries than usual. We hope this doesn’t inconvenience you, but it may take longer to respond to your enquiry than in normal circumstances. As usual, our customer service team will do their utmost to serve you as best as possible.

I have symptoms of the coronavirus, what do I do?

If you have symptoms of the coronavirus, then your best course of action is to use the 111 coronavirus service. If you are unable to get help online and you feel you cannot cope with your symptoms, then you should call 111.

I have questions about coronavirus. Can you answer them?

Our customer service team are not medically trained, which means unfortunately they are not qualified to provide you with medical advice related to the coronavirus. If you think you may have the coronavirus, then please use the 111 coronavirus service. If you are looking for more information about the virus, then you can read our blog for more details or consult the NHS website.

Do you sell a coronavirus test kit?

Currently, we do NOT sell a coronavirus test kit. We are, however, looking into the possibility of doing so and will begin selling them as soon as that becomes possible.

If the UK becomes fully locked down, will I still be able to get my medication?

You should still be able to order and receive medication from us while the UK lockdown is in place. Our website can be run by our staff remotely and our partner pharmacy is considered an ‘essential service’ and therefore will remain open.

Does Doctor-4-U have treatments that are effective against coronavirus?

Unfortunately, there are no medicines available which have been tested and approved to treat, cure or prevent coronavirus. Existing medications, such as chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine and plaquenil, have been named in the media as treatments which could potentially reduce coronavirus symptoms. But the effectiveness of these treatments has not been scientifically established. We do not currently offer these particular treatments.

I can’t contact my GP; it just rings out. How can I contact them?

We are NOT able to contact your GP for you. If you are trying to call your GP service, then they may be dealing with an unusually high number of calls. You may want to keep trying again or contacting them online may prove a better option. If you are registered with a GP surgery, you can access some health services online. You can follow NHS guidance on all the different options you have to contact your GP online.

What if I have an NHS repeat prescription, can Doctor-4-U help?

Doctor-4-U only provides medication for private prescriptions. If you are looking for a way to get medication on an NHS repeat prescription, then you can visit Chemist-4-U which can easily provide this service online.

My question isn’t answered here. Where can I find out more information?

If you have a question about the coronavirus which we haven’t answered here, then we advise you visit the NHS online for official advice.

If you have a question about our services, the status of your delivery or the availability of treatments, then you can consult our regular FAQ page.