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Lorqess (Lorcaserin)

Lorqess (Lorcaserin) is a weight loss medicine used to treat adults who are overweight or obese, and those who are at risk of health complications associated with being overweight.

This medication helps with weight loss by making a person feel fuller after smaller meals. Feeling full after eating less will prevent overeating and reduce weight. Lorqess should be used alongside a healthy diet and exercise to see effective results.

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Dr. Diana Gall GMC No. 7685129

Dr Diana Gall studied medicine at the University of Transilvania graduating in 2005, since then she has finished a 3 year intensive training course in family medicine practice. In 2010 she reached the consultant level in general practice, working in Romania and in the UK. Her past experience relates to aesthetic field, occupational health and general practice.

Shamir Patel GPHC No. 2049338

Shamir is our Superintendent Pharmacist here at Doctor 4 U. Shamir is a well-respected pharmacist with extensive experience running independent high street pharmacies across the north west of England.

How does Lorqess work?

The generic drug, Lorcaserin, belongs to a class of drugs known as serotonin receptor agonists and acts on the part of the brain which controls appetite known as the hypothalamus. To reduce appetite, Lorcaserin activates the 5-HT2C receptor in the hypothalamus.

How should Lorqess be used?

Lorqess should only be used for the intended purpose of losing weight, however, it should not be dependent on as the sole way to lose weight, for it to be effective you should use it alongside living a healthy lifestyle.

Lorqess is available in tablet form and is taken orally twice a day, with or without food. Taking it consistently will improve its effectiveness. Taking more than what is recommended by your doctor will not encourage more weight loss and is in fact dangerous to your health if overdosed.

Is it a safe weight loss medication?

As with any new drug on the market there are concerns over safety, particularly when it comes to weight loss medications. Lorqess has passed phase lll of clinical trials which means it has been tested on a large group of participants, usually in the hundreds. The clinical trials have shown a good response to the drug, with few side effects, and few adverse reactions. Lorcaserin has been approved in the US by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) since 2012.

How will this medication benefit the public?

Obesity is on the rise with 1 in 4 adults affected by the condition in the UK. A drug which reduces weight also reduces the risks associated with obesity such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Lorqess may be one method of combating the obesity epidemic in our society.

When will this drug be available?

Lorcaserin has been approved in the US and marketed under the name Belviq, however, it is not yet available in the UK. Latest studies have found lorcaserin to be safe for use and does not increase the risk of heart attacks and stroke like some other weight loss medications do. It seems promising that lorcaserin will also be approved in the UK under the name Lorqess, but it’s not likely to be available on the NHS due to cost.

Orlistat as an alternative to Lorqess

In the meantime while we wait for Lorqess to be approved in the UK, there are other weight loss medicines which are currently available. Orlistat is one alternative to Lorqess. Like Lorqess, Orlistat is an oral tablet, but it is taken three times a day with meals. It works by reducing the amount of fat your body absorbs to help you lose weight.

Almost a third of the fat you eat is stopped from being absorbed into your body. It blocks enzymes in the body known as lipases which are responsible for breaking down and distributing fat to be stored in various parts of the body. By blocking these enzymes, Orlistat hinders the digestive system’s ability to absorb fat and instead it is expelled through your feces. However, you will need to reduce the amount of fat you’re eating as although Orlistat can block a large proportion of fat, it can’t block all. Like all weight loss medicines, a healthy diet is also needed for them to work effectively.

You can buy Orlistat safely and securely online at Doctor-4-U.

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