Treating chronic, long-term pain can put you in a serious dilemma, do you take opioids to reduce the pain but face the risk of becoming dependent or addicted to these substances, and suffer the side effects, or do you try other alternative pain relief methods? Many people believe that opioids are the only way of controlling their chronic pain, when in fact there are plenty of non-medical pain relief methods out there that don’t come with the same risks as drugs, one of these is ActiPatch.


What is ActiPatch?

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ActiPatch is a drug-free device used to relieve pain, usually chronic pain. ActiPatch is a type of electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) and works by sending electronic pulses 1000 times per second to encourage any damaged cells to repair themselves naturally. The device is worn on the area that is causing the most pain and targets this area to relieve the pain. ActiPatch works on joint and muscle pain, particularly knee and back pain. It’s long-lasting and the best part is there are zero side effects!


Why is ActiPatch a better alternative to opioids?


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If you’re part of almost 50% of the UK population who suffer from chronic pain then you’ll likely welcome any method of pain relief, but what if you could relieve your pain without suffering further complications. Opioids are prescribed to treat mild to severe pain and we’ve all probably taken them at some point. When we have mild pain such as a headache we reach for over-the-counter opioids such as paracetamol for an instant cure, and sure enough, we’re quickly relieved of the pain. The occasional opioid doesn’t do much harm, but what if you need this medicine for long-term chronic pain?

If used incorrectly and for a long period of time opioids can be dangerous. Opioids block pain signals and boost your feelings of pleasure by triggering the release of endorphins, this feeling can make these medicines highly addictive. These medicines may be necessary to reduce your pain but they can quickly feel like they're something you can’t live without. The majority of opioid addictions start with a prescription, the first dose will work less and less the longer you take them and there is a potential to keep craving that feeling but eventually only higher doses will achieve this. Your body eventually builds up a tolerance to opioids and no longer triggers the same amount of endorphins as the first dose did.

In order to get the same effect, there is a risk of people turning to illegal opioids. Higher doses of opioids, particularly illegal opioids can cause serious side effects such as difficulty breathing and problems with the heart, and even death. The fear of this addiction is what puts many people off using these medicines for pain relief. ActiPatch does not contain any drugs and there is no risk of becoming addicted to it. Although your body is exposed to electromagnetic radiation this is in small amounts and not enough to be harmful.

Opioids are not a good solution if you have long-term chronic pain, although they can be effective in the short term, they may cause worse side effects in the future and there is a risk of drug dependence. ActiPatch, on the other hand, has no side effects at all, you can’t even feel it while it’s on! What people love the most about ActiPatch is that it’s very long-lasting and is great for long-term treatment plans. ActiPatch can be worn for hours if necessary and even during the night if this is when your pain is at its worst.

Any pain relief method that is drug-free should be welcomed as many people need something that they can rely on long term without the risks of side effects or complications.

How effective are non-medical pain relief methods at managing pain?


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This really depends on the type of non-medical pain relief but many methods can be used alongside opioids to effectively control the pain in a way that won’t lead to opioid abuse. If you have a combination of pain relief methods you’re less likely to need higher doses of opioids. ActiPatch is also effective enough to use alone, but if you’re sceptical about the use of pain relief without medicine then take a look at the clinical studies that prove otherwise.

Data collected from 5000 patients revealed a 50% reduction in pain medication when using ActiPatch and over 70% of patients reported better sleep, more physical activity, and overall better quality of life. These statistics show the amazing benefits of a pain relief device that does not contain any medicine, this in itself will come as a relief to many people.

Finding the right pain management whether that’s with a combination of medication and drug-free methods, or using only non-medical pain relief methods will get you moving and improve your quality of life. You may not be leaping about straight away but any improvement in your physical activity is a bonus, plus ActiPatch doesn’t hinder you in any way. This device may just be the answer to managing your pain and helping you to function normally again.