Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual complaints in men, more so than you may think. Around 30% of men are estimated to suffer from premature ejaculation, in other words, coming or reaching a climax too quickly during sex or sooner than you and your partner would like. Many men experience premature ejaculation at some point in their lives, so if you’re going through the same thing you’re certainly not alone in this.

How long you can last in bed is a much-debated question and one that doesn’t really have a definitive answer. We expect a lot in the bedroom, but what if you can’t live up to the demands? Fortunately, this issue is very treatable with a little magic spray known as Fortacin. This spray could see you going the distance in the bedroom and revolutionising your sex life!



How long should you be lasting in the bedroom?


What is premature ejaculation?


When it comes to sex and our bodies people have lots of questions about what is normal when really it all comes down to what is normal for you and your relationship. There’s no way of telling how long sex should last, and science doesn’t provide much help in answering this question either. This answer is defined by what you’re happy with, however, it can be easy to feel the pressure when your friends are discussing the lengthy amounts of time they’re enjoying sex for. As a general rule of thumb, sex is considered too quick if it’s not making it past 1-2 minutes, and if this is happening too frequently you may be suffering from premature ejaculation.

Do I have premature ejaculation?

If you’re unable to delay ejaculating this may be considered to be premature ejaculation. There are two ways premature ejaculation can be categorised, firstly, you may have had this problem from your first sexual experience, even masturbation, or you may have developed it at a later stage in life having previously never had this problem before. If ejaculating too fast is a recurrent problem for you and is impacting your sex life and relationship, getting help is the way forward.

Why am I ejaculating too fast if I’ve never had this problem before?

It can be frustrating and embarrassing, to say the least, if you’ve always enjoyed a healthy sex life and ‘performed’ well, to then suddenly be faced with this problem, but it can happen, and it’s certainly not unusual. Any biological or psychological changes can affect any part of our life, and your sex life is no different.

Psychological problems are a common cause of all erectile and ejaculation problems. Sex isn’t just a physical thing, psychology and emotions have a huge role in being able to do the deed. Worry, stress, anxiety, depression, problems in your relationship are all factors which contribute to premature ejaculation, many men also develop mental health issues as a result of not being able to last during sex. Premature ejaculation can be a vicious cycle but there is help available.

Physical and biological factors may also play a part. It’s worth visiting your doctor as you may have prostate or thyroid problems which are common causes of premature ejaculation. Some men also have a highly sensitive penis.

What can be done to prevent climaxing too early?


Premature ejaculation treatment


If you’re not satisfied with the amount of time it takes you to climax, and if sex is coming to an abrupt end quicker than desired, there is hope. Many men are too embarrassed to confront this issue but the sooner you do the sooner you can get back to enjoying a healthy sex life. If there’s something troubling you psychologically, maybe it’s a past traumatic event or strains in your relationship, tackle this by going to counselling or couples therapy. Talking through this issue helps ease the pressure you may be feeling and allows you to relax. Plus, there may be problems in your relationship that you’re not aware of and getting them out in the open gives you more chance of resolving these problems.

Quick tips for a slower climax

There are a few things you can try yourself which may help you last longer, these include:

To decrease sensation use a thicker condom
Masturbate before sex, ideally an hour or two before
Practice taking deep breaths, this will briefly shut down the ejaculatory reflex
Think unsexy thoughts - of course, you still want to be in the mood but try to think about something a bit boring to delay ejaculating
Having your partner on top during sex allows them to pull away when you’re close to ejaculating

Solving premature ejaculation with a simple spray?

Buy Fortacin online at Doctor-4-U

Another type of treatment is topical anaesthetics in the form of creams and sprays which are applied directly onto the penis. One of which is Fortacin, a spray created by Professor Wyllie, the scientist behind the little blue pill Viagra, and we all know how revolutionising that was! For a lot of men (9 in 10), Fortacin is just as revolutionising.

The spray contains two key ingredients called lidocaine and prilocaine which are anaesthetics used to increase the time before ejaculating by decreasing the sensitivity of the head of the penis. With just 3 sprays and 5 minutes waiting time, you’re good to go to have sex that lasts as long as you desire. If you do have any underlying conditions that may be causing you to ejaculate too fast then it’s a good idea to get those solved first, but Fortacin is definitely a revolutionary medicine in helping men with this very common but very misunderstood sexual dysfunction.

Can I buy Fortacin online?

Fortacin is a prescription medicine and you can buy it online at Doctor-4-U who is currently the only seller of this premature ejaculation treatment. Buying online is a discreet way of getting hold of this treatment. Of course, there’s nothing to be ashamed about, but if you are embarrassed nobody needs to know your secret when buying Fortacin online at Doctor-4-U.