Stephen is a content writer who has previously worked as a pharmacy admin assistant and now covers the interesting topics and news stories within the world of medicine. Having previously written about subjects including the motoring industry and video games, Stephen has found plenty to be intrigued about since immersing himself in the medical industry. He’s keen to explore and share the most interesting facts behind medications and conditions plus other hot topics within the healthcare industry. During most days, you’ll find Stephen keeping a close eye on the latest healthcare news and writing down all sorts of ideas for the next blog, though some ideas are more sensible than others! Outside of work, Stephen likes to go for jogs and the occasional city break outside the UK. His interests include motorsport, football and stumbling across random trivia videos online.

  1. No Smoking Day – The Best Ways to Quit Smoking

    No Smoking Day – The Best Ways to Quit Smoking
    It’s National No Smoking Day here in Britain and health groups across the country are promoting the many benefits of quitting smoking, plus the various methods and support groups that can be followed to achieve this goal. Here we want to focus on some of the simplest yet effective methods out there for quitting the habit because quitting smoking...

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